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Greetings programs… After fighting what can only be described as an extremely uphill battle, being such an inexperienced little fish in a pond of some very large and filthy corporate sharks, I am happy to…

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Divide and Conquer Or Stop Being Stupid Part 5

I cannot have said it any better or more succinctly than this… this is the reality we are experiencing.



 By Anna Von Reitz

We have heard the words “divide and conquer” since we were in Kindergarten.  It’s what we did when the two Big Kids ganged up on the 500 First Graders.

We’ve heard it, and to some extent, we’ve all done it— yet, somehow, I have proof that we haven’t understood it— haven’t quite fully grasped the concept.

The Revolution:  Brits against Colonists

The French Revolution: Monarchists against their Serfs

The Civil War: North against South

The First World War: Brits/French against Germans

The Russian Revolution: Monarchists against their Workers

The Second World War: Brits/French against Germans

Democrats and Republicans

Robber Barons and Labor Unionists

Palestinians and Israelis

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?  There are two sides to every conflict. Why is that?

Because it is purposefully designed to be that way.

Polarization and labeling of two sides is a mathematically necessary requirement…

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Flat Earth 101 Documentary

An excellent introduction to anyone not yet aware how deep the global deception runs…

Good overview covering some of the more salient points.

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What the Talmud teaches about you

The best of the goyem should be murdered… the best of us. People think religions entail there is a loving God somehow involved… nothing could be further from the truth…. a religion is a belief system.



Yeshiva large amount of students A lot of students studying the Talmud

There’s nothing like seeing it for yourself. The Talmud is the holiest text to Jews, far above the Old Testament or Torah. In fact the Talmud is referred to as Torah. If you ask a Jew about the Talmud you’ll get a variety of answers starting with, “oh that old thing, no one takes it seriously nowadays,” (the photo shows that to be a blatant lie, also there are yeshivas everywhere) to “sure it’s medieval but no one studies or follows the Talmud any more,” to “look what’s in your holy book” if you even get a response at all. Notice those were three lies. Usually they try to change the subject, or give evasive answers, or go on offence and in attempt at moral equivocation, recount the perceived flaws in your (or another) religion. And they…

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Myth and Memoricide: Shlomo Sand’s “Invention of the Jewish People”

OUT TAKES FROM THE ARTICLE: It now appears that the Torah was written as recently as the sixth or fifth century BCE. Rather than a record left by the ancient patriarchs, it was the product of the “self-isolating literary politics” of Jewish elites who had come into contact with abstract Persian religious ideas. These literateurs made use of exaggerated administrative records from the past as well as myths and parables common to the region. ~~ ~ What Sand’s book tests is religious literalism, the misguided attempt by contemporary Christians and Muslims as well as Jews to read their scripture as historical or scientific fact rather than as a complex of myths whose origins we can not be sure of but which have been reworked to teach spiritual messages.


This review essay was published at The Drouth.

A nation is “a group of persons united by a common error about their ancestry and a common dislike of their neighbours.” Karl Deutsch.

“I don’t think books can change the world, but when the world begins to change, it searches for different books.” Shlomo Sand.

Our Assumptions About Israel

Here is what we in the West, to a varying extent, whether we are religious or not, assume about the Jews and Israel:

The Jews of the world, white, black and brown, are the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Moses, after leading the Jews out of Egyptian enslavement, gave them laws. Emerging from the desert, the Jews conquered the promised land of Canaan, which became Judea and Israel, later the mighty kingdom of David and Solomon. In 70CE the Romans destroyed the temple at Jerusalem and drove the Jews from…

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The Morph

The way it is…


When becoming jew-wise, often one likes to think that ‘it’s not all the jews’; because at some point in our youth we have had some nice times with Jew pals. We’ve shared some laughs, we’ve enjoyed some ventures, we used to socialise with one or two jews who were really good buddies. So perhaps it’s a bit unfair to label all Jews as bad, all Jews being part of the agenda.

But…….it’s not until one really looks at the complete picture. That when one objectively steps back with many years of experience and study of this conspiracy against humanity; that one can see how the good Jew fits into this comprehensive agenda.

Because, as this title suggests. Those good Jews whom we shared some laughs with in previous years, will always, always in every case evolve into a position in society where they will directly or indirectly play their…

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#20 Why Is the Vatican the Largest and Longest Owners of Telescope Observatories, Including the Newest Named L.U.C.I.F.E.R.?

That’s a good question…

the dedication plaque of the VATT reads:

This new tower for studying the stars has been erected during the XV year of the reign of John Paul II on this peaceful site so fit for such studies, and it has been equipped with a new large mirror for detecting the faintest glimmers of light from distant objects. May whoever searches here night and day the far reaches of space use it joyfully with the help of God.

The Vatican’s latest ….The  L.U.C.I.F.E.R. Telescope

A key to understanding how long the myth of a global heliocentric, agnostic, universe has been perpetuated on all is to understand how long and deep the Vatican has been involved with observing the heavens all the way back to Copernicus, (who himself became a catholic priest in the last years of his life and studied cannon law).

Through owning all of the information coming from the…

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