Cracking The Cult Of The Constitution (Part I)


A three-part essay by: Clint Richardson

Introduction: The following essay series will be very challenging and controversial for all who read. It is not that the information itself is actually controversial. Instead, the difficulty for most readers is in searching the soul and personally recognizing that the true controversy lies within the individual; a battle of cognitive dissonance where the ego continuously clashes with the true and reasonable self – the natural being grasping for truth. It is a fight between our indoctrinated beliefs and the hard facts and realities that challenge them, causing emotional barriers and fallacy which unhappily overcome comprehension, logic, and reason.

Presented below and in two future parts are facts and images that will challenge the very core of your belief system, from religion to politics, and most importantly to the very founding of this illusion we call…

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1 Response to Cracking The Cult Of The Constitution (Part I)

  1. Tom Lonergan says:

    Thanks to you for your courage to articulate the inescapable conclusion to over 20 years of research and hacking through the briar patch of obfuscation, sent agents, and the golem horde of mass delusion. It is obvious who rules this world. With a kiss back to you my dear… We are here and we matter.

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