Divide and Conquer Or Stop Being Stupid Part 5

I cannot have said it any better or more succinctly than this… this is the reality we are experiencing.




 By Anna Von Reitz

We have heard the words “divide and conquer” since we were in Kindergarten.  It’s what we did when the two Big Kids ganged up on the 500 First Graders.

We’ve heard it, and to some extent, we’ve all done it— yet, somehow, I have proof that we haven’t understood it— haven’t quite fully grasped the concept.

The Revolution:  Brits against Colonists

The French Revolution: Monarchists against their Serfs

The Civil War: North against South

The First World War: Brits/French against Germans

The Russian Revolution: Monarchists against their Workers

The Second World War: Brits/French against Germans

Democrats and Republicans

Robber Barons and Labor Unionists

Palestinians and Israelis

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?  There are two sides to every conflict. Why is that?

Because it is purposefully designed to be that way.

Polarization and labeling of two sides is a mathematically necessary requirement…

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