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Strawman (Volume I) Now Shipping!

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Greetings programs… After fighting what can only be described as an extremely uphill battle, being such an inexperienced little fish in a pond of some very large and filthy corporate sharks, I am happy to…

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Divide and Conquer Or Stop Being Stupid Part 5

Originally posted on A NATION BEGUILED:  By Anna Von Reitz We have heard the words “divide and conquer” since we were in Kindergarten.  It’s what we did when the two Big Kids ganged up on the 500 First Graders.…

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Flat Earth 101 Documentary

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Good overview covering some of the more salient points.

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What the Talmud teaches about you

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WHAT IT REALLY SAYS ABOUT GENTILES A lot of students studying the Talmud There’s nothing like seeing it for yourself. The Talmud is the holiest text to Jews, far above the Old Testament or Torah. In…

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Myth and Memoricide: Shlomo Sand’s “Invention of the Jewish People”

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This review essay was published at The Drouth. A nation is “a group of persons united by a common error about their ancestry and a common dislike of their neighbours.” Karl Deutsch.…

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The Morph

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t When becoming jew-wise, often one likes to think that ‘it’s not all the jews’; because at some point in our youth we have had some nice times with Jew pals. We’ve shared some laughs, we’ve…

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#20 Why Is the Vatican the Largest and Longest Owners of Telescope Observatories, Including the Newest Named L.U.C.I.F.E.R.?

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the dedication plaque of the VATT reads: This new tower for studying the stars has been erected during the XV year of the reign of John Paul II on this peaceful site so fit for…

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