jews control the jesuits

Holey Sh*t…

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Cracking The Cult Of The Constitution (Part I)


A three-part essay by: Clint Richardson

Introduction: The following essay series will be very challenging and controversial for all who read. It is not that the information itself is actually controversial. Instead, the difficulty for most readers is in searching the soul and personally recognizing that the true controversy lies within the individual; a battle of cognitive dissonance where the ego continuously clashes with the true and reasonable self – the natural being grasping for truth. It is a fight between our indoctrinated beliefs and the hard facts and realities that challenge them, causing emotional barriers and fallacy which unhappily overcome comprehension, logic, and reason.

Presented below and in two future parts are facts and images that will challenge the very core of your belief system, from religion to politics, and most importantly to the very founding of this illusion we call…

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Kosher Traps

Kosher Traps.

via Kosher Traps.

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News @ 11:11

News @ 11:11…just stuff i think about…  i was born in 56 and i am 56 years old… that makes me 11:11 ~~ ~ i don’t know what that means exactly, but i find if i focus on a question… the answer does come to me somehow.  The really difficult ones require some time and a lot of thought… but they do arrive… that’s kind of awesome.  (and okay… that’s ending on 4/20 (no b.s.) and then i’ll be 57)
Maybe i will get my word out to humanity if i use this page to randomly post little things now and then that occur to me… i will try. 
So, if you find some wisdom in my words… sow the good seed and send it forward to to fertile soil… and check back, now and then
to NEWS @ 11:11……..….
warning… may lead to insight… batteries not includedvoid if not completely satisfied.

N0thing is harder than the truth…
…………………………………… OMG,  how sexy is that?!!

more later… i got stuff to do-ing……. 😉

~~~~Listen to this Tom Waits song… and do this too...  Draw a circle, next place an X in the circle, edge to edge… now, draw a V over the X…
what do you see? 

I see the unfinished pentagram we always see referred to as Washington D.C.’s layout… What it really is is the VOX.  A five pointed star represents man… a five man with five fingers and five toes… upright is correct… unfinished indicates it was planned to thwart mankind in his quest for freedom from tyranny right at the start… and that was some 200 years ago.   Any questions?

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